Advantages and Excess 2017 STI Hatchback


Subaru is the famous car manufacturer as great sports cars today. Car manufacturers from Japan’s made a new breakthrough that releases sports car called 2017 STI Hatchback with a charming interior and specification. This new sedan offers a sporty car design and very modern. This car will be released in public that will not be much longer. Rumors are circulating about Subaru STI that will be introduced at the car exhibition which will take place in the United States.

For lovers of sports cars, you may be impatient to wait for a sedan that is capable of providing the luxury of time to ride. 2017 STI Hatchback is a sports sedan type car of the highest-owned Subaru today.

Engine and Performance

Cars sport sedan comes with a new engine installed in the chassis. This 2017 STI Hatchback has advanced machines that have specialized machinery with a maximum capacity of 2.0 liter turbocharged engines in them complete with 4-cylinder and carries the injection technology that will make this car more fuel efficient. The injection system of the Subaru WRX STI is also directly incorporated with a 6 speed transmission system CVR. Power that can be generated by a variant of a sports sedan of Subaru cars are capable of removing the energy of 271 PS and peak torque of 350 Surely it is a fairly large output that can be generated by this car. That specification of Subaru WRX STI is managed to gather. In the design of the car also provides a new design of the previous version which is more shiny and sporty. Obviously this will add a plus of this specification Subaru car.


Interior and Exterior

The car is predicted as a sports sedan of Subaru cars that have the highest specification has several advantages that make this car more spread its wings in the automotive world. Excess of 2017 STI Hatchback is presenting a new machine that can save energy used but capable of producing substantial energy to the injection system. The legs of the Subaru car will also be more powerful than the previous version. Sedan car design is very sporty and modern clad in a very shiny. The interior is offered in it also does not mess around, because it will bring the car interiors to make passengers comfortable and control systems and more sophisticated entertainment. That is all the excess of 2017 STI Hatchback. We wait for the presence of this car on the market.