Audi A4 2017 Refreshing Style


Audi’s marketing catchphrase definitely fit the product – Audi A4 2017 so well and you will know it if you take one look at it and tried the machine. The catchphrase, which is written in German, probably would make you confused unless you came from German but, well, if you know the meaning, it makes a perfect sense. “Vorsprung durch Technik” (the catchphrase) has the meaning of “Advancement through Technology” and the words are the embodiment of the new Audi car. Well, the catchphrase turned out to be true and not only some advertising.

The Audi A4 2017 is a great car with sophisticated technology that gained many respects for the Audi brand and also, the sedan car. However, what are the reasons behind its greatness? Certainly one of the aspects behind the greatness of the newest Audi sedan is thanks to the high tech features.

Audi A4 2017 Style

Not everything has been remade but, one thing we can be certain of is that Audi A4 2017’s style is still as awesome as ever. Even with the soft makeover of each body component to make it wider and more crafted, well, in short, bigger in size. The styling is changed as seen from the clamshell hood that has four classy creases as well as the shut-lines that were transferred to the car’s “tornado” line. Another example can be found on the headlamps which had been turned into a slit like headlamps and also, even with the slit like features, it’s even brighter which uses the standard bixenon or if you prefer LED bulbs, you can use it’s an optional choice. So, choose! The taillights are wider with nifty sequential turn-signal strips. Not only the taillights, the grille is also made to be wider than before. However, Audi A4 2017 is more of refreshment than a redesign.

audi a4 2017 manual transmission

So much has improved. If you think the new Audi sedan car is going to gain more weight, considering the broader size and all, you’re very, very wrong. Added 0.5 inch in wheelbase, 0.6 inch in width and 1.0 inch in length doesn’t make it weight more. In fact, the car is said to lose 70 – 100 pounds and that’s all thanks to the lightweight material. From those facts alone, you can clearly see that the car has high qualities. All in all, Audi A4 2017 is extremely elegant and is more refreshed than ever.