Audi A4 2017 Reviews and Information You Might Know before You Buy


Audi A4 2017 comes around $35, 850. It is swift, silent, and sporty car type with the exterior is understated. The interior of it is sophisticated with the materials that are pleasing to see and touch. The handling is stable. The over boosted steering designed with too light mode at the highway speeds. The turbo four makes 252 hp and pairs with a seven-speed automatic with the front-drive standard. The all wheel drive is optimal and you can play the Apple CarPlay and Android auto is standard. There is a 19 speaker audio too in this system which is optional.

The Specification

Audi A4 2017 comes with Compact cars EPA classification. There is a 3483 base curb weight with the 111 wheelbases, 186.1 lengths, 72.5 widths, 56.2 height, 61.9 track width, front, 61.2 track width, rear, with no minimum ground clearance and no liftover height. The interior of this car is 5 passenger capacity with no passenger volume. There are 38.9 front headroom and 41.3 front leg room. There is 55.9 front shoulder room with no front hip room. 37.4-second headroom and 35.7-second leg room. There is 54.5-second shoulder room with no second hip room too. How is about the cargo area dimensions? There is 13 trunk volume with turbocharger and intercooler iline-4 engine type.


Audi A4 2017 has 190 horsepower with 236 Torque. It hs the front wheel drive drivetrain too with 7 transmission type. Multilink suspension type for front and rear with no brake type. The exterior of it is completed by the body colored door handles, fixed rear window with Defroster, light tinted glass, and the Galvanized steel or aluminum panels. Is there any another thing to consider? you can read the detail of it here. What are you looking for in a car? It is not only a car, but it could be your second home because of the feature it has. You can get the amazing sensation of driving by let this car accompany you anywhere you go. What are you waiting for to be the First pre-order for this car? You will be the First to Drive it in the City. It doesn’t where place you will go, the specification of this car is good and suitable to accompany you anywhere. Do your test Drive now and bring this car to your house. Are you ready to make your new experience with Audi A4 2017?