Audi Q7 2017 Specifications, Prices and Pictures


Price of Audi Q7 2017 is priced at a fairly expensive when compared to the type of car with the same class but with a different car brands. There is a saying that the price offered indicates the quality provided. The car that is issued in 2016 belongs to the kind of SUV that has interior and exterior luxury and charming. Audi Q7 is indeed designed to be ridden on the streets of urban and off road. This is a concept that is very brilliant in the automotive field for rare cars that use this concept. The car is equipped with advanced technology that can be used to traverse the streets off road. The technology is contained in the air suspension can be adjusted such that it can help a car while crossing a street off road.

Engine and Performance

The Audi Q7 2017 is equipped with technologically advanced machines that can produce stunning performance machines that are currently used to drive on city streets and off road. The car is equipped with 6-cylinder engine that can generate a maximum speed greater than the other SUV. This is exactly what makes the price of car Audi Q7 is priced fairly expensive around Rp.1.625.000.000 for Type 3.0 T FSI V6 Quattro and Rp. 1.725 billion for the type of 3.0 T FSI V6 Special Package. Audi Q7 is also equipped with a 8 speed automatic transmission and four wheel drive wheel drive which will allow you to drive on the streets off road so that your favorite car would be able to crush any obstacle that is contained at the time of driving. Wheels are available in the car is also quite charming because it has a nice design and fit with the character of Audi Q7, thereby increasing consumer interest in buying one of Audi’s best products.


In addition to having a dazzling car specifications, Audi Q7 2017 also has interior and exterior design is attractive so do not be surprised if you would be interested in buying this car. That review specifications and latest Audi Q7 car prices.


Exterior and Safety

With the appearance and handsome and born of renowned automotive manufacturers, this car offers the feel of a real SUV to the people especially in our country who love to be tough for all-terrain vehicles, and certainly convenient for traveling with the family. Proven sales data, this car is managed to become the market leader in its class throughout 2017. Now, for the sake of strengthening its position in the SUV market country, the company has released the latest generation of its flagship SUV named Audi Q7 2017. The new generation is the opening presentation that was so delicious in the opener in 2017. The presence of this car is more complete line-up of Toyota in the high-class vehicle that had previously been presented. The car is now really comes to rejuvenation interior and exterior concept of stylish and confidence. The new design concept has a fresher feeling, more stylish, and certainly more handsome.