Audi R8 2018: The Sport Ride for Everyone


The release of Audi R8 2018 is basically Audi’s way of saying that you don’t have to be a naturally born racer to be able to drive a super ride. With a combination of good handle, control, power, and engineering, you should be able to drive Audi’s super vehicle without having to break a sweat. With the R8, you don’t have to own an excellent driving skill to turn heads. Let the car do it for you and you can enjoy the ride.


Sure, Audi wants to make this new R8 the new generation of the super car but they want to do it in the simplest and most subtle way possible. They are planning the powerful next-gen V10 engine but for now, they believe that smaller powertrain is better. Audi won’t include the diesel option anymore despite their successful previous production with the diesel powertrain. After all, they want a sleek and slim ride for the R8 and packing it up with the diesel engine will make it heavy. That’s why they don’t proceed with the plan.

Price and Release Date

Since the Audi R8 2018 is designed as the 2018 model, you should expect the release to happen within that year. Although it may not be available at the beginning of the year, it is highly likely that the R8 will be available at dealerships during the middle year.

For the price, rumor has it that the price may be lower than the current production, provided that they are going to proceed with their V6 plan. If the rumor is true, then the new price for the upcoming R8 will be set around $125,000.


One of the biggest updates happening to the R8 is the fact that it may be likely to come with the V6 engine. After all, they have always wanted to include the V6 powertrain which is said to be perfect for the sport ride because it has high revving system, it is lightweight and small, and yet it is also powerful. For further developments about the Audi R8 2018 there hasn’t been any official release.

Engine and Specs

Expect a V6 twin turbo engine with 3.0 liter capacity, producing 400 bhp for this ride. It will also use the anti-lag electric air compressor system, which is expected to deliver smoother experience when paired with automatic dual clutch seven speed transmission and four wheel driving system. Expect all the greatness with the new Audi R8 2018.