Audi RS4 2017 : Review, Price and Photos


Familiar with luxury and stylish design, the following step from Audi presenting twin product. They are Audi RS4 2017 where it comes early and have been success to make the audient and users take it. Attracting moment continued by RS4 concluding some innovation in both types like 2.0t premium plus and 2.0t premium plus AWD. They come with some feature and are ready to shake the car selling data of the year. Like news from the Edmund and that become the great hot topic during two week in launching. Here are the engine, interior and exterior update from Audi RS4

Engine and performance

The engine of this car comes with 3.0 L with V6 engine that can produce 500 hp. Another version even comes with bigger engine, 4.2L V8 that comes with bigger power and changes the price at every level. Top point of Audi RS4 2017 still brings fun driving like the brother does before. Having better market strategy and smart to take time or moment of the year make this car have improving data in launching of each country especially in USA. Less of marketing map of the car company do the same idea but after it coming, add the great strategy on the car selling. Creative and innovative to show the feature of car is the key.


Most of all the features have been upgraded to be more excellent seeing the need of driver is more complicated and of course higher technology is required to fulfill that and Audi nailed all the needs of 2017 driver. We just cannot wait the first release of this Audi RS4 seeing some surprises are offered in its official website. We are not trying to give spoiler but it can be consideration when you want to think to buy them.

Exterior and safety

What makes this car cool is the exterior that comes with muscle and sporty look. So that’s why people looks easy to take this car as the moment and needed of private transportation force them to have it and take them one. You can enjoy reading all the good review while you prepare your wallet too to grab this car so fast. The safety is also guaranteed with many improvements verified by the official site of IIHS that claims Audi RS4 becomes on of the top safety car and pick in several test in 2017 release.

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