Audi S4 2017 The Next Best Generation of Audi


In past couple of decades, Audi has been worked in order to redesign the line-up which featured a couple of models which are supported with conventional design. Many auto reviewers surprised that the brand new Audi S4 2017 gets a couple of time to update. But along with R8, A4, and Q7, it is official that this brand new S4 is in the latest line-up. Before the brand new Audi S4 2017 was revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year, its launching was predictable. Meanwhile, the company will place this S4 between RS4 and A4 as the compact sedan car. Even though the brand new S4 will reveal later this year, there is a couple of information that you have to read below.

Audi S4 2017 Exterior Styling

Based on the Audi Company, Audi S4 2017 is influenced by A4 which a chassis created by using aluminum and steel. All of the main exterior dimensions and features are also the same; it means that the brand new S4 will be larger than its previous model. In terms of the appearance, you will be surprised about the aerodynamics and aggressiveness of the design, so it is possible that brand new S4 has incredible drag which is similar to A4.

In terms of the elements of new design that will be noticed are changed hood, more LEDs, revised headlamps, and reshaped grille. Even though a couple of these features have been already applied in A4, they are new to S line-up and also the combination which is supported with unique bumper front which is very attractive. Talking more about the bumper, it comes with a new lower part which is completed with larger splitter and side intakes which have been signed but there is no difference at all.

Audi S4 2017 interior specs

Talking about the profile, there is no a couple of new things that you have to know. The company says that side skirts should be revised and adds window trim, and mirror caps which look like aluminum. The rear end of Audi S4 2017 is also the same. The brand new S4 now comes with bigger trunk lid spoiler and new inserts which combine two pairs of similar exhaust pipes. There are no huge changes that have been taken place in the exterior, but all of those changes increase the predecessor and make this car looks more sporty and aggressive that is perfect for a couple of its fans.