Audi S5 2017 Changes & Increased Horsepower


It’s the time for our generation to welcome Audi’s newest car – the Audi S5 2017, which has been improved, crafted, furnished, upgraded and more into a more up-to-date version of the S5. To keep things fresh and modern, the newest Audi 25 version has undergone a change which is done to make it even better than the previous ones. Is it a good change? Or a bad one? Let’s find it out together, shall we?

Audi S5 2017 Changes

In order to keep up with the current trend, Audi has redesigned plenty parts of the car such as a wider sized front grille (brand new!), masculine looking hood – more so than before, corner air inlets which are located on the front fascia area, and lastly, the thinner taillight units – also brand new! A lot of things are new on this Audi S5 2017. Not only on the outside, we can say that for the interior as well! As for the inside, the changes are apparent on a new infotainment display which is, as per usual, located in the middle of the center stack, not new but updated instrument cluster, a major revamp, and redesigned door panels. The power, though stills sports a 3.0-liter but it can deliver up to 354 horsepower and that’s a change since it has increased 21 more horsepower.

Audi S5 2017 Review

Audi S5 2017 Drivetrain

As stated above, the Audi S5 2017’s drivetrain is the 3.0-liter turbocharged V-6 delivers 354 horsepower – a significant over the previous ones. The information about the new Audi S5 is limited but still, we are able to find some information about the car such as the information about the S5 being able to hit 62 mph in just a mere seconds of 4.7 seconds. Fun fact – it’s an improvement and it increased about 0.1-second – don’t think lightly of it however. The Audi also managed a fuel economy of 32.2 mpg and it has a wonderful Quattro AWD system. Since the car is considered great and received many great reviews so, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if the S5 standard is to have a sport differential in the rear. Well, also the option feature on the A5 will be a standard one on the S5. Isn’t that amazing? One of the examples we can give is the damper control. And don’t forget the drive select which is probably one of the best yet and it’s offered in different drive modes. It would be wonderful driving around with Audi S5 2017 – especially with the electromechanical steering – and it’s brand new feature as well!