Audi S8 2017 Boosts Powerful Engines


The Audi S8 2017 becomes a new supercar which has limo-like with luxury design on its body. Likely, Audi is successfully combining those impossible combinations on its new model of S8. For your information, the entire body design is covered by aluminum material. This material becomes the most popular for modern vehicle especially for 2017 model years. Based on our reviews, aluminum body will keep the weight as light as possible. It gives better impact for the performance of the car. Meanwhile, the sportier front fascia is located perfectly with a new grille on the front. The wheels have 21-inch of size. Let us take a look deeper for this car below.

Audi S8 2017 Under the Hood

Based on official specification, the Audi S8 2017 offers a 4.0 L V8 engine under its long hood. The output of this engine is more than enough for a supercar performer. It is around 520 horsepower with 479 pound-feet of torque. This torque is smartly under 1,700 to 5,500 rpm. We have tested this car to reach 0-60 mph. Surprisingly, it sprinted just in 3.5 seconds. It implies that other sedans should carry similar engine like this one. In addition, this long hood provides enough space for its displacement and twin turbochargers. We also found that the direct injection is also placed under its hood.

Audi S8 2017 Powertrain

Those ponies of Audi S8 2017 are delivered by 8-speed automatic transmission under the coverage of All-wheel drive system. But, do not worry if you want to feel the manual-like transmission because Audi offers this gearbox with paddle shifters. The Audi’s AWD system is also carrying 40:60 split. That is why the torque is still on low rpm although it has large horsepower. Meanwhile, the S8 Plus model has a twin-turbocharged 4.0 L TFSI which is also V8 engine has larger horsepower. The output of this engine is around 605 horsepower. If we compare it with the standard engine above, it has 85 horsepower differences.

Audi S8 2017 Interior

Audi S8 2017 Interior

It is not complete if we did not talk about the interior of this super sedan. Of course, elegant cabin is well-presented through the rich details inside. Leather plus quilted feature is something luxurious inside this cabin. Moreover, the carbon fiber and wood accents are also featured this sedan very well. We also have to appreciate the sports seats which are very supportive for the driver and front passengers obviously. Meanwhile, the steering wheel has three spokes for the driver. The touches that you make on Audi S8 2017 are very comfortable.