Bentley 2017 Bentayga: Most Fastest, Stylish and Powerful SUV


Bentley Company finally has launched the brand new Bentley 2017 Bentayga is the Frankfurt Auto Show after a pre-release that never ending. This is the first ever SUV by Bentley and also the car which is set to be one of the most competitive cars in its class. This car will be the most stylish, powerful, and most fastest SUV in the automobile market. For those of you who are looking for SUV, you just have to wait for a couple of time and wait for the launch of this car. You have to be the first man that enjoys the best combination of style, power, and technology of Bentley in a whole new car.


You can easily know the look of the Bentley form far away because this Bentley 2017 Bentayga features a couple of signature design of this Bentley. The body of the car is made by light material and the weight of the car is about 236 kg. The front fascia of the brand new comes with a matrix grille which is flanked by LED headlights that are completed with a chrome touch. This car also features extending headlamp washers. The front bumper of this brand new Bentley comes with a light skid plate that is supported with ability to tackle different terrains. The rear comes with taillights which have been segmented which come with B-shaped illumination graphic which offer it with a different signature. This car also comes with a hands-free operable tail gate electrically. The brand new Bentley 2017 Bentayga also features a panoramic sunroof which is made of glass that can be obscured by full-length roller blind.



Talking about the interior of the brand new Bentley 2017 Bentayga, you will find a stylish interior. The interior of the car comes with premium hand-crafted and also high quality leather. You will have a choice in order to select between a 5-passenger interior and also a 4-passenger interior. There are a couple of standard features such as ventilated front bucket seats and 22-way power-adjustable heated which even have message functions. This car also features an 8-inch touch screen which displays navigation information. There are a couple of modern gadgets such as Bluetooth connectivity via 10.4-inch Android devices, 60 GB hard drive and tablet from automaker which enables rear seat passengers in order to access 4G Wi-Fi. This car also features 1,950 watt Naim sound system and 18-speaker.