Bentley 2017 Flying Spur: Luxury And Cool Car


Bentley 2017 Flying Spur is one of the latest products released by Bentley besides 2016 Bentley Continental GT. When Bentley Continental offered in several models ranging from the Continental GT V8 S, Continental GT Convertible, and the Continental GT Speed, the Bentley Flying Spur is offered with several upgrades that make it has the look and better performance when compared to the previous generation, including upgrades to the interior Held to upgrade to the power train.

Machine used in the latest Flying Spur is the W12 with a new variable displacement system which will also be found on the Bentley Continental. W12 engine is used because it is considered as the best choice in providing the performance and improve fuel economy. Bentley 2017 Flying Spur is also offered with a choice of 20-inch wheels with a seven twin-spoke design which can be found on the model of the Flying Spur W12 Mulliner. In the interior, we will find some instrument driver that has been updated by applying contemporary style graphics and sporty at the steering wheel. For us, then this car is not an item that is easily overlooked. By using the W12 engine, the performance that we will get more certainly increase where we can expect the strength to more than 550 hp and torque of 500 lb/ ft. Better performance shown by the Flying Spur is expected to improve fuel economy up to 5% and make us as owners can save even more money.


Flying Spur comes as a sedan with a luxurious design that will give a classy look for anyone who drove were equipped with a number of advanced features and technologies that will support all of the things we do with the car. By getting a cool car, luxury, and have a good performance, then the price is considered as the second number after all the things mentioned. To get a clearer picture on the Bentley 2017 Flying Spur, then try to get more information about the previous generation is something that can help give us clarity. 2015 Flying Spur comes as a cool car equipped with a V8 engine that is able to give the sensation of driving, which certainly will not be forgotten. In addition, the car is equipped with the all new bodywork and comes with a suspension that has been revised – as well as the interior of the car.

If you love speed and luxury along in a single package, your mind will go to the new gen of Flying Spurs. It is the only new gen series that could satisfy your thirsty. Keep that in your mind that Bentley will not design its flagship car in a short span of time. Bentley works very hard all the time to give you best thing ever. Bentley 2017 Flying Spur is the proof that a hardship could give you a maximum satisfaction