Bentley Continental 2017 – Changes from Exterior and Interior Wise


Bentley Continental 2017 is released as a redesign of the entire GT previous and current models. It is time for an upgrade after all. It has been a while ever since they updated, right? Of course, Bentley came up with a lot of new features and upgrade done on the Continental 2017 – it is essential after all to make changes every now and then to keep up with the current trend or you’ll be left behind. Though old classic can be good sometimes, right? You guys must be curious of what the new Continental Bentley looks like – Bentley is a popular car company after all and most of the time, they produce such a good car.

Bentley Continental 2017 Exterior

From the exterior sides, the changes are not much – just a few here and there but still, it is not to be taken lightly. Well, for starter, Bentley offers more three new colors (well, more choices now!): Camel, Jetstream, and Marlin. The Jetstream will look very good on the Bentley Continental 2017 and so, we’re very excited! It is truly a sight to behold. The other changes are very, very subtle and we’re not joking! Unless you look at it closely, you won’t notice the difference on the front grille and practically the whole exterior appearance. Instead of trying to figure it out, we will tell you the changes that have been made, like the side intakes which are closer now to the headlights and the massive vent is extended to the fenders.

Bentley Continental 2017 Interior

Bentley Continental 2017 Interior

As for the interior of Bentley Continental 2017, well, there is absolutely no excuse for not being a good quality if the car has the price of $263,400. The surfaces are just wonderful and elegant – it’s well-crafted with great design, it’s everything you could ask for a surface. The leather furnishing is also great – and with high quality material of course. You can also find contemporary looking controls, the new dials, and graphics. The controls are also very practical to use. People nowadays can’t live without internet and that’s why Bentley is very considerate by equipping the cabin with a Wi-Fi connection. As for the changes, the driver controls are a little different than the other models – it’s more crisp, though not much. Also, the cabin is being lit by the LED and obtained gear-level surrounds. The design pattern of Bentley Continental 2017 is also different now with diamond quilting design.