The Best Car of Car Ratings 2017


It is very appropriate if the price of Car Ratings 2017 is priced equivalent with the previous cars version, it is in 2016. Most of the cars offer the same outside look dashing looks so fancy. Technologically advanced features are also presented in most of the cars. Therefore, it deserves making it one of the best cars in many countries. For you as automotive curious that wants to know what the engine specifications and technological sophistication of the best car, let us consider a review about the specifications and pricing on the Mazda CX-5.

Exterior and Safety

To improve comfort when the car is run through the streets and brings damaged or rocky terrain that brings this car as Car Ratings 2017, it has provided the tech front suspension Independent MacPherson strut with a stabilizer bar. As for the rear suspension, it wears manifold Multi-link suspension with stabilizer bar. Both suspensions will certainly feels very soft and able to withstand vibration potholes, so the more comfortable ride. Then for the tire size, specifically to the type of Mazda CX-5 Sport and Urban, they use tires sized 225/65 R17 102V and 17 inch diameter wheels. As for the Touring variant uses the tire size 225/55 R19 99V and 19 inch alloy wheels.


It is not complete for car at high prices as Car Ratings 2017 that is not supported by a complete feature. This car is equipped with fog lamps, HID lamps, mirror lights, mirrors automatically and can be folded. For interior itself, it has AC Dual, Paddle Shift, Sensor Rain and auto Wiper, Blinds, Audio, Cruise Control, Steering Wheel Audio, Wood Panel, Leather Seat and sunroof. In its Security system itself, it is equipped with Immobilizer, Parking Sensor Airbags and ABS braking system type.

Engine and Performance

Besides supported by the suspension and braking systems that are good, this car as the best Car Ratings 2017 is also equipped with a steering rack and pinion. Although assembled type suspension and braking, it is still very synonymous with automobile car European. A powerful engine and good acceleration makes you do not doubt system of control of this car. Again, it is using braking type of ABS which is supported well by the wheel size 205/55.

No wonder if the price of the Mazda CX-5 is the lowest priced at a price of 400 Million to most expensive almost penetrated 500 million. Various technologies embedded Mazda makes the car appears more luxurious than other cars of crossovers. However, it is surely only the rich who can buy the car. As for you that have a minimal budget, it is better to turn to buy Mazda 2 or other cheap cars that we recommend.