The Best Cars of 2017 Chevrolet


Chevrolet Company was founded in 1911 by a man named Louis Chevrolet and William C. That comes from the American company Chevrolet, which is a competitor west of the car company Ford, who both came from America. At this present moment in which the products are already on the Chevrolet car production has spread all over the world. Even Chevrolet never produces the type or model sports car that has two doors and injection systems to break down in the capabilities and performance in 1953, the car was named the Chevrolet Corvette. And also Chevrolet also has produced a car whose engine is in the rear called Corvair. In the country of origin, the car is the only car with a machine in the back that has been added to the air conditioning to cool the engine. While Chevrolet already launched in our country there are only a few models or types of 2017 Chevrolet cars unlike other car company which launch many cars in our country such as companies of Honda and Toyota.

Engine and Performance

Power of the 2017 Chevrolet cars does not lie only in the look of style and performance of the engine alone but also in the security Features thorough and innovative design for your confidence along the way driving.


Each moment of driving using 2017 Chevrolet becomes easier thanks to infotainment system that is easy to connect with your smartphone. Access your favorite applications and features with voice commands via Google. Take the benefit of comfort panel on the steering wheel or on a 7-inch touch screen display that has a high resolution. No matter with family, friends, or your favorite objects, The All-New Chevrolet provides the flexibility to carry all that you prefer. With three rows of spacious seating for seven adults, you can change the seat position according to different situations. 60/40 split folding system for the second row and 50/50 third row is also very useful for various load your luggage.

Exterior and Safety

Design of roof rails and side step make it sporty. Premium chrome finish while touch on details give the appearance of luxury and superior impression compared to other SUVs.

Thus the information is conveyed about the latest 2017 Chevrolet car list in 2017 in our country, hopefully the information we have argued above can be useful for you. And also the price list of Chevrolet car can be also the most 2016 reference price before you choose or want to buy one of the latest Chevrolet cars or used.

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