The Best Proton New 2017


Prices of Proton New 2017 that cost can be consideration of you who want to buy a car’s quality is not inferior to the cars of other brands. Small car design savvy that is most advantageous to use drive in urban areas of heaviest traffic flow. With her tiny body, narrow paths can be passed easily by car proton. If you want to buy a car for personal orientation such as going to work or college, cars proton is very appropriate choice. With a tiny body and a minimalist, you can quickly through the streets of the cities especially when you do have a fairly high mobility daily. Today, in our country the car is not only used for travel or mobility purposes only. Cars are also used to indicate social status in the association and social life of society. Having a car will give a certain prestige for the owner in the eyes of others. Moreover, the price of a car is not cheap so only a handful of people who can afford it. But you do not need to worry because the price of cars proton is much cheaper than other car brands. With low prices and plus petite body design sweet, guaranteed you will not lose prestige than others. Even so should you buy a car because it is necessary, not just a showcase or penalty wealth with others.

Proton New 2017 comes with Lotus cylinder 1200cc engine, 5kW power at 5500rpm and torque of 105Nm at 4250rpm. For transmission, the car is equipped with transmission AMT (Automated Manual Transmission). Automobile fuel is quite economical. Only with a capital of as much as 5.7 liters of fuel, this car can go as far as 100km. This car is very economical in terms of fuel consumption and price. On price, the car is priced at a very low price compared to other cars in its class.

While the new gasoline engine, generating responsive acceleration with increased power and fuel efficiency up to support the optimal point. With both types of latest machines, it has a smoother engine character and adequate performance without sacrificing fuel efficiency. The most notable changes in this Proton New 2017 is that it more uses dark matte color accents such as the front grille that uses a full black just pinned TRD logo then on the headlamp is similarly more use dark colors on its fog lamp.