BMW 2018 3 Series: The Redesigned Plan


Although there are some spyshots of the new BMW 2018 3 Series with camo and heavy cloak, there are some images where you can take a peek at some of the cue designs and styling of the ride. With the car planned to sell around 2018, there are some ideas of how the interior (as well as the silhouette) will look like. It is highly likely that the new ride will be coming with a new digital instrument and redesigned dashboard.

Redesigned Ideas

Through the heavy camouflage, you can see that there have been changes happening to the new BMW 2018 3 Series where you won’t be able to find the side skirts anymore and the brake lights (along with the headlights) are now heavily concealed. The window openings and the proportions remain the same, nevertheless. But there is a new digital display on the dashboard now that is possibly connected to other features, such as the rear parking camera and also other features. If you want to take a detailed look, the overall arrangement looks similar to the Virtual Cockpit system implemented by Audi.

Release Date and Price

Although you may expect the new BMW 2018 3 Series to go on sale with similar price from the current model , which is around £25,000 for the entry model and £40,000 for the high end model – the company may have a different idea. Expect the new models – available for the diesel, petrol, and hybrid power with Touring Estate model and Gran Turismo type – to come with higher price range.

Exterior Design

Since Beemer has promised that they are going to come with distinctive design for this model, the new ride should be sportier and also more muscular. There is an improved stance that makes the ride somewhat solid and better on the ground, improving stability and control. For some people, though, there is nothing new about the new model but you can see that the bigger grille, the modular platform, and the new architecture make this new model look somewhat different.


The new model will be coming with petrol three cylinder turbocharged engine (also used in Mini Cooper) as well as the four cylinder 2.0 liter engine that is delivering around 260 hp of power. For the diesel type, you can expect the three cylinder 1.5 liter engine  or the straight six 3.0 liter engine that is delivering 300 hp of power.  What can you ask for more from this BMW 2018 3 Series?