BMW 3 Series 2018: The Anticipation


The new BMW 3 Series 2018 will be making a debut in the small sedan segment with their (claimed to be) promising features and specs. Of course, coming from the world-class manufacturer like Beemer, you can get your hopes high – or at least, you can have a little faith in them. BMW, after all, is always known for their quality ride as well as elegant and graceful designs. So, what can you expect from the new 3 Series, really?


Also known with the code name G20, this BMW 3 Series 2018 is designed to replace the 3 Series F30 that is currently being available for sale. However, the F30 won’t live long since the G2o will replace it for the 2018 model. But since the company has positively been sure that they won’t be including this model in the 2017 launch, you can expect its availability and introduction during the Geneva Auto Show 2018 – or probably Paris Motor Show. For now, the G20 with heavy camo is still being tested. Although you can’t really see under the camo, you get to predict what is likely hidden under the cover. A lot of auto enthusiasts claim that they see similarities between this model with the 5 Series from 2017.


If you take a look at the front side bumper, you will see some of the similarities. The three intake design looks the same, and possibly, so is the overall construction of the lighting – though the current one is heavily cloaked. Some of the updates are definitely covering the exterior appearance. Still, Beemer will incorporate the sleek lines and attractive curves but there are more to it. And although the styling cue of this 3 Series is likely similar to the 5 Series, hopefully they won’t be twins.

For the interior cabin, it is pretty hard to see the overall structure under such a heavy cloak.  But there is not much to see really, expect that the new BMW 3 Series 2018 still retains the dashboard design and look like the current one. But then again, there is still time and BMW can always make the change right away.


Rumor has it that this model will be coming with three cylinder engine with 1.5 liter capacity for the entry level. Above it, there will be either diesel or petrol four cylinder engine with 2.0 liter capacity. The new BMW 3 Series 2018 is also said to come with better technology that minimize gas emission.