BMW 650 2017 Reviews, Specs and Release


Using the concept of latest variant of the BMW 2 Series of the BMW 650 2017 into a new history for BMW, the article of car is the first MPV BMW as a car with front-wheel drive. BMW Series 2 comes with a capacity of 5 passengers, according to prediction that will tackle rival peacock equally from Europe such as the Mercedes Benz B-Class and the Volkswagen. It is naturally that new VW will bring enough to make BMW Parties heat.

As for price, BMW 650 2017 itself is priced at 65000 dollar. A figure that includes is very inexpensive for manufacturers class BMW, but if you are comparing it with the manufacturer from Asia certainly the price is too expensive. However, it would be very unfair to compare cars from Europe by car of Asia. Europe diverse advantages that brought BMW car should be enough to make this car nicknamed cost-owned BMW cars, and even until this article is written, this BMW series is the cheapest series of BMW cars.

BMW 650 2017 itself equips his car with two engine options: three-cylinder and two-cylinder. The two machines are BMW can generate power of 228 HP, from BMW itself claims the car can accelerate from 0 to 100 km in just nine seconds, by using the front wheel car in motion is expected to provide strength despite the remarkable power of this car MPV car only. Down performance in driving on BMW seems unquestionable.


In any part of the Interior of BMW 650 2017 you will see part of the dashboard is elegant it can be seen on the display are arranged well. The other options you can choose the option of dashboard light brown, impression elegant brought coupled with the features of entertainment such as LCD screen that allows you to connect a smartphone.

Exterior and Safety

This BMW 650 2017 feels very fitting for you who are already married. Comfort is also shown a car with a seating capacity for five people. The price is relatively cheap to class cars BMW. His name is also BMW certainly almost no shadow for us to denounce this car, concept car hatchback BMW 2 Series is the cheapest variant of the type BMW sold today, a car that has a capacity of 5 guys on any part of it looks quite loose, different by other BMW series 2 bring comfort in the form of additional space in the rear seat.