BMW 650 Coupe 2017 with Powerful Engine and Impressive Performance


The brand new BMW 650 Coupe 2017 will be a very impressive grand touring car. The BMW Company is preparing to design this brand new car with a lot of functions and features. This car will also come with a couple of improvements here and there.

Performances and Engine

Many auto journalists say that this BMW 650 Coupe 2017 will be powered by 4.4-liter V8 petroleum system that will produce 476 horsepower. The power will be transferred by this engine to the rear axle.


The exterior of BMW 650 Coupe 2017 comes with grille which has nine bars. This car also comes with new scalloped cutouts which are located on the inboard sides of the headlights. The adaptive LED lights of the car are standard. The huge visual change takes place in the lower bumper. This car comes with 20-inch alloy wheels and a couple of exterior modifications. The brand new Coupe comes with more aggressive bumpers which are supported with separate openings. This feature is similar to the 2012 up to 2016 version that makes this brand new car different from the others. This Coupe also comes with a carbon-fiber roof. In the back, the car with six-cylinder also comes with larger tailpipe openings. The BMW 650 Coupe 2017 comes with four doors.


The interior of the BMW 650 Coupe 2017 comes with dashboard contour which stretches from the passenger to the center console. The dashboard of the cabin has been wrapped in leather which is completed with specified finish. The semi-floating screen is located at the center air vents. The brand new coupe can load up to four passengers. The heated front seats and navigation system can be adjusted and this car comes with standard memory settings. This car comes with leather upholstery which features reflective treatment which will reduce the heat that is coming from sunshine. The backseat of the car comes with optional seat heaters.

Release Date and Price

This brand new BMW 650 Coupe 2017 will be provided in a very reasonable price. The price of the car will be around $80,000 up to $105,000, but there is no official information from the company about this car. The release date of the car will hit the market at the end of 2016. So for those of you who love coupe, this car is perfect for you.