BMW M5 2017 Hatch Is Not Only a Hatchback but also Sedan


The BMW M5 2017 hatch is on testing phase right now. It is proven by some leaked photos that we have found on some automotive sites recently. For your information, it is highly predicted that all-wheel drive system was the one which we found on that test-drive. Unfortunately, this is not a surprise anymore since BMW does the same for the new generation of its flagship cars. Moreover, the next M5 should have AWD system because modern sedan will try a new phase for modern drivers too. Thus, it is very reasonable why BMW tested AWD on their M5 test-drive recently.

BMW M5 2017 Hatch Power

If the BMW M5 2017 Hatch got the AWD, it means that powerful sedan is coming. Just like what we said before, modern sedan will meet modern drivers’ expectation easily. In addition, the current M5 is now carrying around 575 horsepower. If this happens, you can easily predict by yourself how power this sedan is. However, other rival is actually using this setup. Let us say Cadillac CTS-V which offer 640 horsepower on the road right now. Of course, the M5 will have the same starting number of horsepower too. But, it is a chance for BMW to give more powerful in the world, right?

BMW M5 2017 Hatch Platform

Meanwhile, the platform of BMW M5 2017 Hatch remains the same chassis. It is clearly shown by the prototype version that we see on the pictures right now. However, the change is a must, right? So, BMW will replace the current chassis with lighter body frame in the same design. Although the pounds are not significant, we feel a successful diet program here. Moreover, it will be plentiful resources by BMW obviously in order to offer some additional features such as the body designs, framework and engine with this new chassis. In addition, other rivals should be the main references of BMW in developing the M5 especially as modern sedan.

BMW M5 2017 hatch price

BMW M5 2017 Hatch Under the Hood

Talking about under the hood of new M5, the xDrive will be the best option for BMW against some rivals. For your information, Audi S6 has already offered Quattro AWD system. This also happens on M-Benz with their 4MATIC AWD. BMW could have the xDrive obviously in order to give competitive scene especially under sedan class. It will be more beneficial when we see the same options both for United States and other continents. Moreover, many American costumers really want to see manual transmission from BMW’s lineup these days. It could happen with the launching of BMW M5 2017 Hatch obviously.

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