BMW M5 2017 Spy Shots Unveiled


We spotted the BMW M5 2017 in testing some new stuff again recently. Luckily, our spies were able to take some shots into one of the Fast Five cars at the moment. However, it was still in camouflaging thing by the way. At least, we have successfully shown some important pictures based on the photos. As you can see, this test was unveiled new lights of M5. The headlights and tail lights may be usual for you, but they are not this time. Let us see how far BMW has developed this super car until now. Do not worry because we also provided some spy shots too in this article.

BMW M5 2017 Designs

You need to know that the BMW M5 2017 is one of the next-generation of 5-Series. If you already know about the multi-material combination of 7-series, it will appear once again for the new M5. It is named as Cluster Architecture platform. Moreover, BMW also claims that CLAR of M5 will be lighter more than 100 kilograms than the current or outgoing M5 on the market. Of course, we were curious about this before. After we found out that the carbon fiber is the hero of this platform. For your information, this also indicates that the Project I is ready to come for BMW’s flagship.

BMW M5 2017 Powertrain

The one and the only engine of BMW M5 2017 is a 4.4 L V8 engine. Although it is still a rumor, some experts believe about this surely. If you want to know how many ponies that the engine boosts, it will be the same with the M5 30 Jahre obviously. It is around 592 brake-horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque. It implies that the all-wheel drive system will suit with this engine properly. For detail information, you can see on the photos that show the huge brake discs even though they were disguised with some covers in order to camouflage the speed after all.

BMW M5 2017 Reviews

BMW M5 2017 Release Date

We are still waiting whether BMW will offer different styles of 2017 M5 or not now. It is still very unclear because M5 has no release date yet. But, it will follow the release date of 5-series obviously. For your information, the 5-series Touring will make it to the dealership firstly next year. Moreover, the Gran Turismo will also take the same way with Touring. But, the M5 is not announced until now. There is one certain thing that will happen after the release of M5. Yes, it will be the turn of M6 in the form of 2017 or 2018 model. So, let us wait the BMW M5 2017 patiently.

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