BMW X3 2018 and the Upcoming Release


The new BMW X3 2018 model is still undergoing its testing period where it is caught several times during the spyshot sessions under a heavy cloak. Sure, you may not be able to see the details but you can see the silhouette of the ride and from the looks of it, it is something elegant, classy, and stylish – the unique trademark and signature from Beemer. And there is another update coming up, with the ride will be unveiled in August 2017 followed by dealerships availability in March 2018. Sounds like a good news? Read on and find out more!


It is a guarantee that now (and the following years ahead) will be a busy time for BMW, considering that they have planned some of their newest and also their flagship products to be released and available for the global market. They have a busy schedule to meet, starting from the release of the 5 Series G30, then the introduction of the Gran Turismo 6 Series, the release of the X3 G01, and the launch of M5 F90. And that’s only for the 2017. In the 2018, they will have to release the X2, followed by the X7 and then the 3 Series. Again, they are going to get busy.


The new BMW X3 2018 is considered important because of the high sales numbers, especially in the American auto market. With codename G01, this midsize SUV is included in the premium vehicle lists, with all the good styling and the handy features. For this line alone, Beemer has set up its schedule. They are going to introduce the car in August, and then reveal it at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September before they are going to sell it in March 2018 – all of those in order.


This third generation of X3 will be coming with the modular system with rear wheel driving system that affects the space in the cabin and also the seating arrangement – all designed to improve comfort. When combined with the lighter construction and the new platform, the new BMW X3 2018 should be lighter 100 kilos.


This model will likely come with the hybrid technology with petrol engine of 2.0 liter delivering 245 bhp combined with the electric motor delivering 95 bhp. In the end, you can enjoy a total of more than 300 bhp with smooth driving experience. BMW is planning a diesel engine for this BMW X3 2018 but that’s another story to tell later.

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