The Brilliant of 2017 Nissan Versa Review


There wil be much advantages we got by using the car. It can make your journey become quickly, it can make become comfort, you cannot get the sunlight directly because there is cover in above so you d not feel hot. The car also has various types. You can choose based on your taste. The car is appropriate to all of genres even female or male, teenager or adult that is 2017 Nissan Versa.   The new Nissan is known as fresh model, the seats are comfortable, and of course the fuel is economic. This car is supported by five door hatch. Five door hatches is one of the vehicles which are the best in this segment. 2017 Nissan Versa is released about in a half of 2017.

Interior and exterior

The interior of 2017 Nissan Versa is motivated the entry level of trim model which the size is 1.6 S. There is sound system also and the addition is four speakers. Besides, there are a lot of feature of the new Nissan versa car`s interior which are the color of mirrors in the body, audio jack which is auxiliary, The locks which is manual, the windows, the computer which is trip, steering wheel audio controls, the audio of Bluetooth and the connectivity of phone, steel wheels which the size is 15”, the camera that is categorized rearview, alloy wheel which th size is 15”, The application of Smartphone integration, touch screen display which the size is 5.8” and  the player of CD. The other sophisticated interior are supported by control which the specific is cruise. Cruise is for the trim model of Versa S plus and tacking on the spoiler of rear. Additionally, the Exterior has various colors. The colors are Silver which is brilliant, the Fresh of Powder, and Blue that is categorized Graphite, Metallic, and also the super Black.


Engine and Spec

The engine of 2017 Nissan Versa has durable and good quality engine and spec. The Nissan Versa can load four-cylinder engine that the size is 1.6L especially in the value is 109 hp and the torque is 107 lbs. ft. The system of engine is manual transmission especially in the base trim model of Versa. It can be categorized standard by the speed system is five. The other benefit of the engine of this car is the transmission systems which include standard Continuous Variable especially to the trim models. It is also economic in fuel. According to EPA, This engine has four-speed which is automatic and can return 26/35/30 mpg in the city or highway or combined and also there are five speed models in manual type. The value of it is 27/36/30 mpg. The specifications of 2017 Nissan Versa is about the wheel base, the length, the width, top speed and etc. The wheelbase is 8 ft. 6.4 in or 102.4 in, the length is
14 ft. 7.4 in. or175.4 in, the width is 5 ft. 6.7 in or 66.7 in and the top speed is 110 mph.