Caravan 2017 is the New Generation of Grand Caravan


The Caravan 2017 is the revival of Dodge Grand Caravan current-generation which was planned for ending production in the end of this year. This future plan will be executed by its automaker, Fiat Chrysler, as 2017 model year of Dodge Grand Caravan. This is not just a rumor because we got the information based on a document which is believed as one of internal company document. Other great news is about the facelift of Chrysler Towns and Country which will follow up the launching of 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan. Both cars may have the same class as minivan. But, each model brings different feelings for the drivers. For additional information, Fiat Chrysler starts its plan from the beginning of 2017 obviously.

Caravan 2017 Release Date

We are not going to discuss about the next-generation of Town and Country here. But, we would rather to talk about Dodge Grand Caravan 2017 instead although the document also says significant news for the plans. As we know that the 2016 model of Caravan is near with its end in this year. The production will be ended right after this month. It does not change after all. However, the automaker also sets the 2017 Grand Caravan on the same month of the ending production of 2016 model year. It implies that the Grand Caravan is not death yet which we found some exaggerated news about it recently. The document shows that the initial production of 2017 model is scheduled to start on the late of August, 2016.

Caravan 2017 Interior

Caravan 2017 Minor Updates

The news about the end of 2016 Grand Caravan spread out because of the statement of Dodge brand head, Tim Kuniskis, several years ago. He said that the production would be ended its production in 2016. For your information, this is such a plan from the team marketing to produce a short run for Caravan 2017 model next year. As we know that, the sales of minivan are slightly weakened these days. That is why the Grand Caravan will share with the redesigned version of Town and Country next year. It is still unclear about the model of new Grand Caravan. But, we predict that the changes will not be as big as before due the small gap between the 2016 and 2017 model. Before you start to figure out what the new Caravan looks like, you need to know the current sales of this minivan especially in the United States. For your information, the first five months of the sales was a bad phase of Dodge to sell its Caravan. They got fifty one percent of decreasing at the moment. They have to do something for the Caravan 2017 soon.

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