Cherokee 2017: The Same Price, The Greater Performance


Cherokee 2017 – One of the American car manufacturers, Jeep has some good news for fans of the SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle). Mike Manley, Jeep CEO as ensuring will produce the Grand Cherokee SRT Hellcat. This information can strengthen previous rumors saying that Jeep would prepare a new car throughout history. According to news released, Grand Cherokee SRT Hellcat will be marketed in 2017. The latest Grand Cherokee will be more powerful than currently marketed. For information, the current Grand Cherokee is equipped with a 6.4 liter engine SRT. The machine can blow a power of 434 hp.

Engine and Performance

The new model rely Hellcat heart pacemaker with a capacity of 6.2 liters. This machine is accompanied by a supercharged so that it can blow up the power to 707 hp. Keep in mind, this machine is used the Dodge brand in the Challenger and Charger since 2014. The Cherokee 2017 is equipped with a 3.0L V6 Pentastar engine combined with an 8-speed automatic transition. Limited Jeep Grand Cherokee comes with 18 inch rims. While the Grand Cherokee Overland carries the 20-inch rims. Both cars are equipped with TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System).


On the interior side of the Grand Cherokee offers the latest technology. Dashboard in the middle features a touch screen measuring 8.4 inch supported. While the air conditioning and radio placed in the bottom of the screen to be easily visible. At the center console Jeep embed E-Shifter lever to operate the 8-speed transmission. Apparently not only the Grand Cherokee SRT Hellcat that is prepared by the Jeep. Manley said that Jeep will also present models of pickup. Launched in page, Mike Manley and Sergio, CEO of Fiat Chrysler Wrangler will give variants of ensures a pickup in 2018.


Exterior and Safety

Jeep Grand Cherokee has a luxurious look, with the upper grille is designed to lower and combined headlights are slimmer. Front view is also sweetened with fog lamps with a higher position so that it can be easily seen. For the time being, the latest Wrangler is still under development and testing. While the concept or prototype models will be exhibited at the end of this year. Manley said that the car carrying the new design will be introduced in public after the New Cherokee.

While the Cherokee as the most sold in Indonesia using the engine capacity of 3.0L. Armed with this engine, the latest Cherokee 2017 becomes more fuel efficient. Not only that, it is also competitive in terms of price.