Chevrolet Corvette 2017- Great Muscle Car For You


Chevrolet Corvette 2017 is one of the generations of the Mustang that comes with carrying a combination of traditional and modern that produces a display that will make us more comfortable when driving with the car. There are many changes that we can get the latest generation of the Mustang from the exterior and interior. You can see how massive Chevrolet give the refinements for their fans to make sure that every year they will gain more and more fans of theri cars. The issue has been revealed that some engines are improved to be more powerful and clean both for performance and smooth riding. Not only the engine, some looks are changed too including the exterior and interior.

Engine and performance

For the engine, we will get a car that applies 8-speed automatic transmission steering adjusted, and 7 speed manual transmission with power of 650 hp. In addition, we will get a car that uses a V8 engine that is able to provide treatment that is surprising and at the same time able to provide the power that certainly we should not underestimate. There will be also available performance data recorder so you will know how the performance of the Corvette so far when you are driving with this muscle car.


For the interior, we will find the touch screen is larger when compared with the previous generation who will increasingly support all the activities we do when driving, seat for adult passengers in the back, until the trunk is large enough. The technology provided for this Corvette is pretty complex and useful as it provided 4G LT wifi connectivity, My Link with 8 inches touch screen display, and Apple CarPlay and Android connectivity so you can get in touch with your phone with the car while you are driving. There is also connection with Chevrolet mobile app


Exterior and safety

The Chevrolet Corvette 2017 comes in a size large enough so that we would have a hard time when park them, especially on the narrow road, and have lower standards for the uptake of fuel so inclined wasteful of fuel. Regardless of its shortcomings, we need to know what the price offered for this muscle car. Well, the information states that the price for this car is priced in the range of $ 70,000 up tp $80,000 according to the trim levels are offered but the safety is guaranteed to be far better than the previous version as IIHS also has got the verified good score for the safety standard for Chevrolette Corvette.