Choosing Toyota Car Varieties According to Your Taste


If today you are planning on buying a new car? Okay if perhaps the answer is yes, then there is no harm if you are considering buying one of a kind and types of cars from Toyota. You know why? Because, other than for cars, Toyota is known to be quite reliable and are not fussy, the choice of the type and provided quite a lot of variety. To attract the attention of consumers in the country, although Toyota Calya becomes one of the MPV’s Toyota Car Varieties but the engine performance that brought attention anyway so that was quite interesting.

The determination depends on the initial start, what and where that great specifications that will be embedded by Toyota at Toyota Calya will become the benchmark and will determine how appropriate this car for official recognition by the consumer or the fact that even underestimated and abandoned. As Toyota Agya for example, which had the same emblem eagle, by relying on the kitchen runway in the form of the 1.0 liter engine alone is able to attract many consumers, even capable of being the favorite car of young people, a career woman even entered in the car category LCGC pretty good for use in every day. In accordance with its light weight passenger capacity is also less. Unlike MPV car, it can be regarded as a family car from Toyota Car Varieties, such as the Toyota Avanza for example. Its presence is prepared for consumers who want to have wide cabins and can accommodate many passengers and goods so that the MPV type car is suitable for homecoming or traveling with family.

Furthermore according to the characteristics of the people of our country at the time of using Toyota Car Varieties, if possible all the seats should be filled by passengers even jostling. Maybe because that’s the choice of the use of machines is of utmost importance. In addition to the resulting performance should also be qualified, how efficient in fuel consumption, up to safety standards for passengers. If the weight of the car is heavier haulage once more it demands good engine performance, but still must maintain fuel consumption given the price of fuel in Indonesia is still relatively expensive.

In this case Toyota Car Varieties has continued to develop its own solutions to the most artificial MPV car, Toyota Calya. For engine specifications Toyota Calya still the same as it has been rumored crowded in cyberspace. Toyota will equip Calya with engine capacity of 1.2 liters. Most likely embedded machine has 3NR-FE code which the machine had already been used by Toyota Etios Valco. However interestingly, Toyota will embed the technology that is currently trending in use by other cars, the Dual VVT-i technology. In addition having sufficiently reliable performance with Dual VVT-i, Toyota Calya also offers efficiency in the use of fuel, because the intake valve and exhaust all controlled by computer technology, so more precision.