Chrysler 300 2017: Compact Sedan With Great Power Ever


Chrysler 300 2017 is the newest cars which are present in the design of compact sedan that can accommodate 4 passengers. This is a car that has a fairly comfortable cabin although not as wide as other sedans in the same class, with two rows of passenger seats. However, the latest from Chrysler car cabin is able to accommodate adult passengers with comfortable enough, have enough space for the legs and head, and certainly quite compatible. In addition to the cabin, we will also get a single trunk space located behind the rear passenger seat.

The interior and exterior

If we want a car that is capable of giving a sense of comfort and safety when driving, then this is the perfect car to be used as an option. And what about the interior is offered for this car? Well, not to worry because Chrysler present fairly luxurious interior with a futuristic design in which we will get two-tone leather seats that are fashionable and also a set of the latest tech features such as a navigation system, a new dash mounted, until the speakers with high end quality amounted to 10 pieces. Chrysler 300 2017 is cool – not only the interior but also the exterior where we will get the body frame with a compact body design, and the use of 20-inch diameter chrome wheels which will certainly enhance the overall look of the car.


The safety, engine, and date of release

When we saw the prototype is presented, then we can conclude how Chrysler is very attentive to every detail design applied including a security system that is used in combination with an elegant concept. For security systems, we will get advanced airbags, traction and stability control that are integrated, to the application of 4-wheel ABS. We also will find the upgraded suspension and better handling on the Chrysler 300. Then, when the Chrysler 300 2017 was released? Well, it seems we have a little patience because this car is planned to be released in mid 2016. The other important thing we must know about this car is about the price offered and the machines used. The price offered is quite reasonable for a car that is in the number of figures ranging from $ 35,345. If you ask about the engine, then for the engine used in the Chrysler 300 is a 6.4L V8 Hemi that capable of producing strength 465 hp and torque 465 lb-ft. Suspension owned was improved so that we can accelerate the vehicle at a much faster pace – both in town and on the highway. For information, this car can reach 0-60 mph in 7 seconds, so it is well worth with the price offered, right?