Convertible BMW M6 2017: Great Power Lies Under Its Hood


Convertible BMW M6 2017 is a cool car with a formidable force that will give the sensation of driving that cannot be forgotten. Yup, this cool car offers the power to 600 hp through competition upgrade package. To note, the M6 comes in a choice of body styles ranging from the coupe, four-door Gran coupe, and convertible. If we choose to get the upgrade package competition, then we will get additional powers over 25 hp compared from packages offered on previous models – 2015 and 2016.

However, if we do not pick the package offered and tend to choose the standard Convertible BMW M6 2017, then we will get a machine capable of generating power of 560 hp and torque of 500 lb / ft. It will depend and go back to the preferences of each individual to choose. When we decided to get the upgrade package competition, then in addition to gain more strength in engine performance, we will also get some other support items include 20-inch wheels, variable direct steering much more, stiffer suspension tune, and the stability control system that has a difference the stability control system on the standard Convertible BMW M6 2017.

Then, what about the transmission used in the upgrade package? Well, we’ll get two transmission choices that we can select as needed – whether we will choose to get a 6-speed manual transmission, or whether we will choose to get a 7-speed dual clutch transmission. Convertible BMW M6 2017 is offered at a price and release time undetermined. With the specifications on offer, then certainly we are going to pay the price to get the car considerably higher than the previous model. Some have even predicted that the latest M6 will be offered at a price of more than $ 7,000 more expensive than the previous model. Interested to have it, guys?!.

In Dallas Auto Show 2016, the new BMW M6 has been spotted by tons of sights. They want to know how did the new M6 look alike. After knowing its presence, public consider it as one of the best new upcoming car series in 2017. Indeed, this achievement comes with strong effort. BMW got high rating for several categories which make them leading the list of the best car. So Convertible BMW M6 2017 will stay as your best choices right now. You better not pull this option out or you will lose anything.