The Darkness of 2017 Dodge Ram Redesign


Chicago Auto Show event will start immediately and in a matter of days. But it seems some car manufacturers cannot wait to show off and tempt customers to immediately glance at their new products. As performed by automotive manufacturers from America, 2017 Dodge Ram Redesign has recently launched a video titled The Dark Side of RAM.

Engine and Performance

The price of 2017 Dodge Ram Redesign can be fairly inexpensive for a large vehicle. Variant has previously been using a diesel engine capacity of 6.7-liter Cummins Turbo Diesel, which can generate power of 300 hp, with torque of 1084 Nm which is very large for a variant of RAM 3500. And for the second variant, this RAM redesign also amplifies using 6-speed automatic transmission system. This car has tremendous power that is not wrong if the car is valued quite high, car strong in terms of the car engine of Europe, the better because it uses double exhaust result of this car is able to produce a sound that is very jarring. It uses a series of technologies that exist on the machine, making Chevrolet is capable of producing a maximum power of 275 PS at each round of 6000 rpm and capable of producing a maximum torque of 400 kgm at every round of 4900 rpm.

Exterior and Safety

In the video that has been circulating, it is using a beautiful model that came out of the sea. It runs along the coast. And, taking off all over her diving gear and headed into an object of 2017 Dodge Ram Redesign that was covered with a black cloth. And of course it is a RAM truck from Dodge. Indeed, in this video aims to introduce the latest truck models, it’s just that we could not see any details, because of the total darkness had taken over. Since the company’s Dodge made a video clip, it may be inferred that they want to tell us a new development that is quite important. And at the end of the video to say we’ll be back with more details soon.

Indeed, for the large car market called the truck for Americans is a lot of demand, especially those who have a job in rough terrain. Because of the previous generation 2017 Dodge Ram Redesign always comes with a choice of 2 RAM 2500 and RAM 3500 and prices on large vehicles is also not too expensive, which is about US $ 28,430 or approximately USD 255 million for the variant of RAM.