The Design and Style of Tiguan 2017


Volkswagen or VW is known as one of Top Teutonian manufacturer which sometimes seems strange, impressed even understated. Globally, the product has a similar design styles. It is given an extra touch of corresponding segment. It is the same with the Tiguan 2017.

Engine and Performance

One more trademark VW is runway laden with advanced technology and efficient processing of fuel. As a compact unit, it has 1,390 cc 4-cylinders TSI with a particle supercharger. Move the lever to S and turn off the traction control. Time on direct sharpened up to 9.68 seconds. It could bury the body into semi-bucket seats. Torque is provided as endless. Acceleration middle Tiguan is also very strong. Sensation created to continue to spur your fishing. Due to the new maximum torque is achieved at 1,500 rpm rotation. Tiguan was able to walk leisurely road density. Interestingly, Tiguan equipped with the technology of Auto Start or Stop.


Again, the design of the Tiguan 2017 dashboard instantly reminds us of the other VW products. Feels a little flat, but it still looks luxurious and functional. It has stylish button layout and easy to operate. 60:40 benches can be forwarded and backed and folded flat to the front. Luggage is quite accommodating, although not the best in its class. In order to maintain confidence rider, Tiguan control entry in a satisfactory level. Steering is light not to interfere with communication with the tire. He relaxed only when asked to fast maneuvering. Tiguan is very entertaining for those who like to drive myself.

Der neue Volkswagen Tiguan

Exterior and Safety

This elegant car is made with the right size. This car dimension is 2640 x 4337 x 1839 mm. this car certainly chooses a reliable engine that the engine car racing can produce a good performance for this kind of car. Luxury HID headlamps of Tiguan 2017 with chrome ornament and daytime running light (DRL) is the latest VW designs. Even with the iconic grille which confirmed its existence. Stern simple design with modern lamps profile is back into the stern of this car.

Obviously, this car was completely different because it is designed with a futuristic style and also has similarity. The similarity between the two cars can be seen in suspension. The suspension used in both cars is a coil spring and stabilizer. The second equation can be seen in the power steering which both use and telescopic steering wheel. The security system at the new car is still the same, namely the anti-lock braking, seatbelt, and SRS airbags.