Detailed Specifications of MDX 2017


Acura MDX, also known as the Honda MDX was first introduced around 2001. Mid-size crossover SUV is also known as the first crossover SUV that offers three rows of seats. Although every year Acura MDX remained in production until now, but in general there are two generations of MDX 2017 has been launched. Version 2017 is actually a part of the second generation of Acura MDX. Of course, not only the design of cars that is cool and elegant, a matter of convenience saloon car, you are already not to ask again. If you are curious about the more detailed specifications about this car, consider the following more information.

Engine and Performance

SOHC V6 engine capacity of 3700cc combustion chamber is maintained at this MDX 2017 generation. This machine is claimed capable of producing power of 300 horsepower and can reach a maximum speed of 193km per hour. The time required to reach speeds of 100km per hour is estimated at around 7 seconds. It’s not too fast but the SUV is not designed for speeding.


The difference is actually happening on the inside of this MDX 2017 SUV. The most striking change is the use of an automatic transmission system with six-gear acceleration that replaces five-gear acceleration on the previous version. Although the actual changes that occur is not new, but it still deserves applause for Acura is included slow in adopting new technologies into its products. With this new transmission system, Acura promises smoother gearshift even in conditions of multiple-gear downshift or lower gears more than one level at a time. Unfortunately, this new transmission system does not do much on fuel consumption in 2017 MDX version. That is, with one liter of fuel, you can only travel a distance of about 7km up to 9km course, not much different from the 2009 version.


Exterior and Safety

Viewed from the outside physical, version of MDX 2017 is not too different from the version of 2016. Almost all of the body remains the same even though there is little change at the front of the SUV. Acura MDX seems to think the body that is still relevant with the trend until the next one year and only a few make changes to the grille design alone. The rest is almost the same.

In this MDX 2017 version, the Acura sells modern features that previously they never touch. In addition to already using the system speed six-gear transmission, the Acura MDX is also equipped with active cruise control, blind-spot detection. Besides, automatic collision-mitigation braking is already being adopted another factory first.