The Development of Honda Odyssey 2017


Today almost all people need good vehicle to make them easy to do everything. The activity will be much better if people using vehicle. This vehicle is very important because it can takes people from one place to another place quickly in no time. Along with the development, many manufacturers make their best brand to lead their company becomes the best company that is loved by consumers. The development can be from its machine to increase the performance, interior to make people more comfortable, and even from the exterior to make the owner of the car becomes classy. Talking about vehicle especially car, you must know Honda. While the best-selling line-up throughout the history of the Honda, Honda Odyssey 2017 brand is also achieved a feat no less terrible, mid-size sedan that has gained more population as much as 382 535 pieces and easily retained his title as the most popular car all-American for two years continuously.

Engine and Performance

Although only use 1500 cc engine or smallest machine, the machines of Honda Odyssey 2017 can produce up to 184 ps power in 5000 rpm, while maximum torque is 279 Nm at 1260 rpm. This car also includes a fuel efficient car, thus saving your pocket. By using 1 liter of gasoline, the car was able to travel a distance of up to 15.6 km.


If you sit in the back of the driver friend will feel comfortable not only in the legs loose this car but also has a high roof so for you whose height is 180 cm, you do not have to worry about going to hit the roof of Honda Odyssey 2017.

Exterior and Safety

The side of Honda Odyssey 2017, you will see the curve pretty at the top and bottom at the sides of the car body, then in the rearview buddies will see a turn signal that its position is on the turn signal, sera visible chrome line surrounding the windshield side give the impression elegant, to handle on his own car is using the same color with the color of the car body. On the back of this car, you will see views antenna that is shaped like a shark’s fin where there is also a rear spoiler that shape looks not too good for the class of cars BMW. Switch on the side of the car, you will meet with considerable design alloy wheels with spokes so at the time of oncoming cars will look pretty cool.