Difference of Toyota 4Runner Redesign for 2017 from Previous Version


Middle East country is back to surprise the new look of Toyota 4Runner Redesign for 2017. Usually a new form of car has many decorations with bright colors like garnish. The automotive exhibition that was held in Oman, Toyota displays this SUV with shapes that seems more wonderful than previous versions.

Engine and Performance

Looking at the engine, the Toyota 4Runner Redesign for 2017 is provided with the type of V6 engine, with a capacity of 4.000cc car that will be lighter when invited to racing. Overall this car has a body that is fairly low. With the power and torque of 235 Tk, it is obtained reaching 375.5 Nm. This is more than enough to make this car at the maximum speed than previous versions.


But remaining in chrome look, Toyota 4Runner 2017 is still attached to the back like of back door that has not changed. Besides, the design is still same with the type of previously seen in the interior that uses the same version before. Therefore, the most notable changes may be located on the front wheels only, and colors it uses. In the middle of the dashboard, you can look large screen size of 8 inches are ready to display a variety of information that are running, and can be used as a GPS system that is ready to help signpost, besides the screen size, it is also integrated with a camera system at the rear. A feature that is not behind Toyota is an automatic cooling system which uses somewhat more intelligent, so the air conditioning will adjust itself depending on the surrounding temperature conditions.

Exterior and Safety

Many garnishes are trimmed in Toyota 4Runner Redesign for 2017. If we look, from front to back even the legs are also further highlight the black matte finish, to market the Middle East’s own party Toyota more pays attention in terms of appearance as prefers a class level for the Middle Eastern market. Although impressed plastics yet to materials, it can be ascertained that will use materials that are super premium of course with the new look that is expected to sales in the middle east country that have returned expected victorious and sales. But it looks more wonderful with additional new polish located on the center console that provides many brown colors which makes it looks more attractive with a combination of buttons that are easier to reach by the driver which is much easier in operation.