Discussing Appearance of 2017 Honda Civic


2017 Honda Civic is a good car with feature inside and outside. Before discussing the appearance of both the car Honda Civic outside view or view of cabin space, it is time we discuss about the engine and performance.

Engine and Safety

Machine used in 2017 Honda Civic is a type of engine DOHC with VVT fuel system to further conserve fuel. The engine capacity is 2.4 L by using a 4-cylinder 16 valve. This machine uses a 6 speed transmission system of the type Ultra Drive 62 TE is already known to be able to maximize the use of fuels that will be more efficient. In addition the transmission system will also allow the rider to shift gears so subtly car passengers will feel comfortable when driving. Honda Civic uses front system. The engine that carried capable of generating power up to 170 horsepower at 6000 rpm rotation can reach a maximum torque up to 220 Nm at 4000 rpm rotation. Of course this power has a very qualified SUV class.


It’s time we move on to the supporting features embedded in this 2017 Honda Civic. In the previous sections there are engine features that are offered by this luxury car. We will start the discussion from the comfort features of Honda Civic. In the comfort features, this car features a fairly complete. Convenience features are most often get the spotlight of its users is u-connect feature that uses Bluetooth technology base basis. This technology allows users to connect up to 7 gadgets simultaneously. This feature is also equipped with voice command technology and can also be used separately opening multimedia files, and even control the temperature inside the car’s cabin. Then there are also features 4.3-inch sized head unit for Honda Civic type SXT then there is also a 8.4-inch LCD screen on the dashboard and there is also a 9-inch screen on the roof for this type of Dodge Platinum. Honda Civic is also equipped with a GPS feature that will guide the driver in determining the direction to drive. Honda Civic in the audio sector uses six speaker audio system types Alpine Premium Sound System Chime subwoofer is also equipped with the digital sound processing.


Exterior and Safety

On the security, 2017 Honda Civic has 9 points Airbags placement to ensure the safety of the rider. Then sector braking, car is also been pinned on technology Anti Lock Braking System (ABS) which prevents wheel slip when braking suddenly. Honda Civic also own technology and Brake Assist ISOFIX seat to increase safety and comfort. In terms of security, it looks like this car has many advantages moreover, even the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) ever strap on the title of “Top Safety Pick” for luxury cars and cool.