Dodge 2017 Challenger: The Reborn of American Legendary Muscle Car


When we talk about one of the most powerful muscle cars ever made, then we will talk about the Dodge 2017 Challenger. We will find a car with 8 different trim levels offered in 2017. All know that the Challenger has its own reputation in delivering various types and kinds of muscle cars dazzling. For 2017, the Challenger gave us a few items that are claimed to be much better and fun from the interior, new powertrain, to the stylish exterior. In addition, the level of comfort and made larger size also intensified, so that we will enjoy the trip we did despite the long journey.

Interior and Exterior

Dodge 2017 Challenger comes with adopting the classic style of the 1971 Challenger that charming on the exterior. This includes the use of a split grille at the front opening with a leaner style using the projector lamp surrounded by LED halos. In addition, we also will find the LED tail lamps with a glossy piano black around it. The basic shape of the car has not undergone many changes – long nose, equipped with deck lid, flat hood, and roof pillars are thick. Yeah, we could say this latest Challenger cars seem loyal to the ancient style belongs to its predecessor with some slight changes and additions here and there. For the interior, we will be stunned by the latest Dodge Challenger has been overhauled where we will find a modern dash with a soft surface, modern instrument cluster is equipped with a 7-inch screen, 8.4-inch wide screen in the center of the dash that has U-Connect Access system contains complete navigation, applications, and audio functions in general. While in the center console, we will have a higher edge on the passenger side. This design is inspired by the classic style 1971 Challenger.




Dodge 2017 Challenger comes with engine package is large enough that the V-6 and V-8. In addition, we will get the rear wheel drive to make the trip more enjoyable, safe, controlled, and certainly strong. Yup, this car is equipped with a 707 horsepower (for SRT Hellcat) that will make us satisfied for agility and performance that can be displayed. As for the model Challenger SXT and SXT Plus, we will get a 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 is capable of issuing power of 305 horsepower with 268 pounds-feet of torque. In the model of the R / T, we will get a 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 capable of removing the power up to 375 horsepower and torque to 410 pound feet. When we choose R / T models with automatic transmission, then we will get a different strength is 372 horsepower with 400 pound feet of torque. When we choose Hellcat models, then we will find a time of 11.2 seconds to 125 mph. This car is equipped with massive 6-speed manual gearbox and brakes with high performance that we can rely on.


For security, we will find that the Dodge 2017 Challenger has several active and passive safety features ranging from seat-mounted side pelvic thorax bags, anti-lock brakes, knee bags, brake assist, active head restraints, up to hill start assist. We will also have adaptive cruise control that includes a forward collision warning, rear cross-path detection, blind spot monitoring, rear backup camera system, and park assist system sense. We can also get LED tail lamps, rain sensing wipers, up to HID headlights for a different version.