Dodge Charger 2018: Welcoming the Changes


It is about time that updates and changes are expected for the upcoming Dodge Charger 2018. After its existence for more than a decade and the fact that the car has gotten a refreshed styling for many years ago, it is only logical if new updates and developments are long expected for this ride. What the new updates will be like? Will it apply for the exterior look only? Will it apply for the machine too? Will it get a completely new platform?

Price and Release Date

The company hasn’t said anything official about the exact price or release date. But it is highly likely that the new Dodge Charger 2018 will be available around the end quarter of 2017. It is even possible that the availability is close to 2018, either in the beginning or the middle. But it is more likely that the latter option is more possible. For the price, the current sixth generation is sold around $28,000 so it is pretty logical if the upcoming 2018 model is sold at around $30,000 – give or take.


If you take a look at the rendering image of the upcoming Dodge Charger 2018 model, you will see some serious improvements, especially for the front end. The new Charger is somewhat aggressive, thanks to the combination of bigger grille and evil eye construction for the headlights. The fact that those elements are combined with the inflated and high wheel arches and muscular lines, and also diffuser on the big bumper and monumental lights on the rear, you can see that it looks sporty, solid, and super attractive.

The company doesn’t want anything too drastic or extreme. The 2018 model will remain as the sedan type with four door arrangement. They won’t be making such thing as two door sedan or even a coupe- they already have such types for the segment.


There will be different packages and trims for the upcoming Dodge Charger 2018 model. But don’t expect the Scat package to be available because you can only find it within the Challenger and its two door arrangements. But it is possible to find the Daytona package, which is almost the same. You can’t expect the Charger SRT8 either because the SRT line has been discontinued.

You can still expect the Charger RT, which is coming with V8 Hemi engine as the standard feature. Rumor has it that the 2018 model will be using the turbocharged engine. Charger Hellcat is the ultimate transformation of the SRT line, coming with V8 supercharged 6.2 liter engine. For the upcoming model, it is highly likely that the Charger Demon will be even more powerful than the Hellcat – either getting a more updated and newer engine or getting the same engine as the Hellcat but with a tweaked outcome.


As you can see from the previous powertrain arrangements, there are some different options of engine available, paired with the rear wheel driving system and automatic eight speed transmission. So, are you excited for the new Dodge Charger 2018 model?