Dodge Durango 2018: The New Development


It is pretty obvious that Dodge is planning some big plans and change for their upcoming Dodge Durango 2018. With such a high power installed within the Durango, it is pretty understandable if the company has more ambitious plan for the future – which includes the improvement for the Durango for 2018 model.


The company plans to introduce the new Dodge Durango 2018 during Chicago Motor Show 2017, releasing the powerful SRT line from Durango to the public. All these years, they have included some extra boost of power to the line, for the sake of fun. If you want to see the proof how Dodge likes to tweak with the power of their production, you can see the examples from Charger SRT or Dodge Challenger, and also from the upcoming Demon and Hellcat. From those examples alone, you can expect the new Durango SRT to have the similar arrangement.

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The new Dodge Durango 2018 is likely using the V8 Hemi 6.4 liter engine that is delivering 475 hp of power With the auto eight speed transmission and the four wheel driving system, the new Durango is said to reach 60 mph within 4.4 seconds and able to reach a quarter mile in 12.9 seconds. There are a lot of good hopes expected for this new ride, especially with the right growl of the engine, tuned to pass the exhaust system that is designed almost similar to Charger SRT.

Besides the power, tweaks will be enhanced for suspension, handle, and control. Improved active dampers from Bilstein, thicker roll bars and stiff springs will be included in the production. With the increased speed, more responsive brake should be expected so Dodge is coming with their Brembo braking system with the four rear piston calipers and six front piston calipers. With all season Verde Pirelli Scorpion 20 inch tires, everything will be better. Another cool option? You can choose for the three season Pirelli Zero tires.


There will be improved features for the Durango. Starting with the Street driving mode that comes for relaxed and comfy ride or the Sport driving system that is offering tighter handle and faster transmission change, you can expect better stability and also improved control in whatever driving system you have. And if you want to be able to tow something, be sure that Durango SRT will be responsive. With 8,600 towing capacity, this full SUV is very responsive and solid.

Overall Design

On the exterior side, be sure that Dodge Durango 2018 will be as stylish as ever with mesh grille, aggressive fascia, functional and handy air duct, rocker panel, and wheel flare, this SUV will be as good looking as ever. Of course, you can also expect impressive lines and gorgeous curves.

For the interior cabin, you can expect leather seat cover, steering wheel, and improved dashboard arrangement that will improve functionality and access. Technologies and features are improved, including the center 8.4 inch touchscreen screen audio system, and much more. The safety features of the Dodge Durango 2018 will also be improved and enhanced.

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