Dodge Grand Caravan 2017 Reviews and Specs


Dodge Grand Caravan 2017, which began production in 1983, immediately is accepted by fans of slow driving. The vehicle is calculated on operation for the family.

Engine and Performance

The machine size is quite impressive, 9-seater, with a spacious interior, perfectly in accordance with the definition of family car. The capacity has been the main but not the only advantage of the Dodge Caravan, which issued a little of everything – oil, brake fluid, and antifreeze. However, when it comes to petrol engines, it does not save. It needs 14 liters per 100 km. Dodge Caravan Car is very high, allowing him to stay in front of classmates at almost all indicators. There are only four modifications: SE, LE, ES and SXT. The first model is considered the simplest, but it does not stop it from running under a 150 horsepower engine and gives the impression of a pick-up which automatically fast. The transmission is a good addition to all the other benefits of the Dodge Grand Caravan 2017 SE. The model of SXT costs more, but it has a more powerful motor around 182 hp and six-cylinder.


In interior, there are separate action strong, full power accessories kit, steering wheel, and cruise hardware control. The management of Dodge Caravan minivan is surprisingly easy, considering the size and weight of the car. The efficient power steering, front brake gently is smooth and flawless independent suspension makes a fun driving process and easy. America uses to slow the giant station wagon type Wagon Station, just relaxed driving the Dodge Grand Caravan 2017, which is fully consistent with the requirements for a family car category, both in terms of comfort, and the parameters dynamic.

Exterior and Safety

The water is not originally installed on each machine, but just based on the request. However, the cooling unit has been incorporated into the standard equipment on all vehicles serial. In production 1987 Dodge Caravan was restyled as a result of which radically changed the style of lamp. In spring 1990 car upgrades, the changes affect the body and chassis, with the result that the dimensions have increased to 3,250 changing.

Dodge Grand Caravan 2017 has the overwhelmingly positive reviews, available in two models with short and long wheelbase. They have different number of cars known as the old baggage. Note that during the period of the release of the car improved in terms interior, all second and third row seats are made optional, they are quick to add, so the cars are invented perfectly for flat ground.