Elegant and Calm Maserati 2017 GT Sport


Maserati 2017 GT Sport has been paved in the country, at the weekend. As a sports car, this Sport variant complements the previous generation, GranTurismo S and GranTurismo S Automatic. Launched by manufacturer, in in our country Maserati Sport was performed with a new face as the successor and refinement appearance and performance of the previous generation. Maserati GranTurismo Sport is a facelift version of the GranTurismo S, but they prefer to call a new model for overall look very different. Simply put there are differences in the appearance of the body kit sports car aura devote more powerful than the GranTurismo S is more elegant or calm.

Engine and Performance

The new look of Maserati 2017 GT Sport is the result of a touch of hands on MC Stradale. Although still using the old lamp shape, but is equipped with the latest technology, LED Daytime Running Lights. Maserati 2017 GT Sport gets the new power of the engine is also new, 4.7 liter 32 valve V8. Machine is capable of generating the power of 453 hp at 7000 rpm and peak torque of 520 Nm at 4750 rpm. As a distributor of power to the wheels, Sport variant comes with two transmission options 6-Speed Electro-Actuated or 6-Speed Automatic and manual as needed.


In the interior of Maserati 2017 GT Sport also had a refresher, the changes include the front seats are sporty (semi-bucket seats) and the passenger cabin more spacious than the previous generation. Details of his new interior also got a touch EcoChrome gray accents and features leather brand Poltrona Frau.

Arranging your own budget to buy Maserati 2017 GT Sport would make the company producing cars with high prices because as we know the producer from that country prefers to produce cars with a cheap segment. In the history, this kind of car is the vehicle of the oldest after the manufacturer from America the jeep. Unfortunately precisely the manufacturer elderly are less preferred it is not separated from the car price offered is too high, to the very limit of the owner of its majority rich people only, despite having prices expensive cars land rover famous car design is strong and has a formidable machine like a jeep from the American. With a strong design in fact this car is perfect in our country, but because the price is too expensive makes marginalized by other manufacturers.