Engine Technology of Toyota 4Runner Changes for 2017


Toyota-Astra Motor TAM presents the all-new Toyota 4Runner Changes for 2017 with design, engine, transmission as well as modern features as a form of sports car vehicle (SUV) is a top choice of consumers in its segment. Carrying the theme Leading the World with Style and Confidence, Toyota-made vehicles in our country is ready to meet the customer needs to appear more stylish and confident. In line with the spirit of Toyota Let’s Go Beyond, design, engine and features All New Toyota is developed to bring a car with performance that is capable of exceeding customer expectations towards the vehicle of a true SUV.

Engine and Performance

Part of the Beyond Product comes with the latest search engine technology GD with Variable Nozzle Turbo with Intercooler for diesel and gasoline engines of new technology Dual VVT-i. The presence of both the engine and this technology makes Toyota 4Runner 2017 promises much more resilient performance, fuel oil (BBM) and more comfortable than its predecessor. It comes with a variant SRZ 4×2 A / T with a gasoline engine with a capacity 2.700cc and 2.400cc VRZ diesel 4×2 A / T and G both manual and automatic. Although it has smaller engine capacity of 100cc, but the performance is better than the previous one. Meanwhile, for consumers who want more experience, they can choose the 4×4 variant. GD type machine is a new super-diesel engine from Toyota that does not only produce greater performance but also can reduce fuel consumption.

Exterior and Safety

Toyota 4Runner Changes for 2017 comes with a more modern exterior design with two new color options, namely, Avant-garde Bronze Metallic and Phantom Brown Metallic. Tough and sophisticated character display is clearly visible from the front with the engine hood for types of diesel engines remain flat as the type of gasoline engine. The cabin is more resistant because of the position of the intercooler is located at the bottom, near the radiator. The new design for the lamp that combines Bi-Beam hi-tech LED Projector and integrated with DRL and Auto Leveling make an appearance is more elegant as premium class vehicle.

Development of Toyota 4Runner 2017 refers to the dynamic development of the needs of customers who continue to be feedback to TAM. To provide a wider choice to them, TAM presents six variants of Toyota with three main types. Based on platform Innovative International Multi-purpose Vehicle (IMV), the Toyota will repeat the success that has been achieved by two brothers Hilux and Innova which were launched last year.

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