Evoque 2017 Silences All Critiques with New Reinforcement


Not long ago Jaguar Land Rover launched a special edition of the Evoque by frills. Evoque 2017 is officially introduced facelift Land Rover. There are visible changes in the design of the front bumper, larger air inlets affixes, and adaptive LED headlamps. At the rear we also get the LED lights and a new spoiler. Alloy wheel designs are also new. Therefore, keep reading this writing to discover the specification and review of this Evoque.

Engine and Performance

The most significant changes in Evoque 2017 are behind the bonnet. There mounted aluminum Ingenium TD4 turbo-diesel engine is 20-30 kg lighter than its predecessor. The machine is offered in a choice of peak power, namely 150 hp and 180 hp. There is offered also Si4 turbo engine-powered 240 hp which is able to make the Evoque accelerates from 0 until 100 km / h in less than 7.6 secs before reaching a top speed that is 217 km / h.


Talking about interior, just take a look at the cabin. Evoque 2017 get new seat upholstery and the latest infotainment system complete with an eight-inch touch screen. All-Terrain system Progress Control (ATPC) of the larger Evoque is buried in order to ensure stability of the speed when devouring rough terrain. A myriad of advanced features possessed by this Evoque will pamper users in driving this premium SUV. One interesting feature is the large 10.2-inch touch-screen technology equipped as car entertainment system that can be connected with your own smartphone or tablet. In addition, there are also connected to the advanced navigation and the GPS that can show three-dimensional map. Actually there are a lot of advanced features in it, but all we can only enjoy when buying it.


Exterior and Safety

On the front bumper, roof, and rear, the producer the impression of a more sporty. As for the front grille, mirrors, exhaust, and almost all the side exterior, are made in black. As a result, the outdoor display Evoque 2017 SUV is increasingly addressing a frightening sporty design, but still looks luxurious. Luxurious car is also reflected in the interior features carried as mentioned above. In the safety device, there is installed lane keeping assist systems, autonomous emergency braking system, and attention assists estimation system that can detect the driver’s fatigue level. Evoque will make its debut at the Geneva motor show in 2017.

This car looks grim with a bandage black paint mixed with red paint, so that the outer appearance looks sporty than the premium SUV class. Sport utility vehicle car carries a variety of additional accessories and the latest features such as alloy wheels measuring 20 inches in finishing with black. However, we still do not know the price of this car.