Features and Advantages of Volkswagen GTI 2017


In addition to the convenience and complete entertainment features, specification of Volkswagen GTI 2017 is also equipped with safety features that will protect the driver and passenger of the things that are not desirable. In the Volkswagen GTI, it also has pinned Curtain Airbags on each type of CX-5. In addition, it also put features Dynamic Stability Control or DSC with Traction Control System or TCS on the Volkswagen, which will allow drivers to monitor the performance of this engine. It is currently used to travel long distances. Specification of this car is also equipped with Electronic Parking Brake or EPB which will allow drivers want to park the car this time.

Engine and Performance

Types of machines in Volkswagen GTI 2017 are supported by technology valve settings CVTC or Continuously Variable Valve Timing Control with tech transmission CVT or Continuously Variable Transmission, which has a smoother performance when the gearshift process, particularly when the kick down. In addition, the engine is also equipped with compact balancer shafts to reduce vibration generated by the engine.


It is guaranteed, all occupants in Volkswagen GTI 2017 can adjust the seating position as comfortable as possible according to taste. The driver’s seat can be adjusted using an electric button. During traveling, you will be spoiled by the BOSE Audio System of quality has been tested on a variety of luxury cars.

Exterior and Safety

Volkswagen GTI 2017 is designed fairly wide front grille made of titanium. Turning to the rear, the application of the design of the 350Z is also still strong where the stop lamp and the C-pillar has a window with a smaller form follow the curve of the stern.


Volkswagen GTI 2017 has two real competitors in the market. They are the BMW X5 and Mercedes Benz M-Class. Price of VW GTI in numbers ranging from Rp 250 million – 1.3 billion depending on the alert and car type. You can access the page which already provides a variety of information related to this formidable SUV. VW is the best option for those looking for a luxury SUV, comfortable and resilient with an equivalent class SUV made by BMW and Mercedes-Benz. All-terrain toughness is evidenced by several times won the rally which is a vicious world. VW also has a second-hand price is relatively affordable and compete with cars in its class. Consequently, slamming the suspension, this car is including hard. It was clear when the cars hit the hole. It becomes a problem when you are traveling away because it makes the body tired.

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