Feeling the Power of 2017 Honda HRV


The presence of 2017 Honda HRV should be appreciated for Honda that decided to make it in the country. In addition to reduce operating costs and production costs, the assembly in this country also meant that HR-V really liking the market. So, the Honda HR-V is a unit that has a crossover medium flavor. When viewed from their physical appearance, this car is bringing a new generation of car utility shades deliberately designed to be able to penetrate all-terrain streets. Another thing that underlies the consumer so fast like Honda HRV is a handsome appearance with a bandage strong body and distinctive sporty SUV today.

Engine and Performance

This 2017 Honda HRV is stuffed with a fairly powerful engine and certainly with still economical fuel consumption for its class crossover variant. Honda HR-V itself is available in two engine options, the 1.5 L SOHC and 1.8L SOHC. Although different capacities, but both engines at Honda HRV is already using the same fuel supply system PGM-FI so that combustion in the engine room to be more perfect. As a result, power becomes more leverage. As for fuel efficiency, both machines are pinned on a Honda HRV also has embraced technology Drive By Wire to produce responsive performance yet fuel efficient.


Finish peeling on the engine, it is time to switch on the interior of 2017 Honda HRV. For the interior, the cabin design concept brought this car deserves thumbs up. Because the material in it is good enough to show the impression of the car is elegant and modern. Honda HR-V cabin itself is dominated by an elegant black color and for some types given a touch of beige. Starting from the dashboard Honda HRV, appearance looks exclusively for the design of the dashboard is designed with the concept of a minimalist yet elegant thanks to the placement of the instrument panel is symmetrical. As for all seats, both driver and passenger are also equipped with a seatbelt. Lastly, the specification Honda HRV in the trunk also gives a chance to the relief of sufficient capacity in order to accommodate more luggage’s.


Exterior and Safety

When you see the face of 2017 Honda HRV from the front, you will probably think immediately of the figure of the Honda CR-V. It is true, specification Honda HRV is a derivative of the Honda’s flagship SUV. Aroma typical Honda SUV was practically can we find in the exterior design of the HR-V. Honda HR-V itself carries the body design concept where the concept car design elements features a sporty, solid, sturdy and modern character. It can be seen from the use headlamp Honda HRV already Projector plus DRL LED technology that complements the lighting sector with an ergonomic shape but looks exclusive. Fog lamp itself is built with unobtrusive placement of the frame accented with carbon which further adds to the sporty aura. Display on the front grill, Honda HR-V theme of Solid Wing Face shape is like wings flapping very masculine followed the design of the front bumper dynamic.

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