The fighter his class, Audi Q5 2017


Becoming the fighter in his class belongs to the luxurious, stylish but fun to drive is difficult to find out in one car. But it can be found out in Audi Q5 2017 where the luxury impression as the stylish performance belongs to one package. Fun during you drive this car is not only slogan but it is the joy trying to present by producer for owner of car. He wants to give appreciation for user of Audi through by giving the great product. Having public trick that new breakthrough product as the combination all features from several type of car present in one car. So, that why Q5 was born to filled it. Some features have been upgraded to be more advance so that the driver can feel more comfortable and safe.

Engine and performance

The engine you can get from this Audi Q5 is V6 that can produce 354 hp and 272 hp for different version. Sporty handling, super brake performance, TDI and hybrid’s impressive fuel economy become the other side of Audi Q5 2017. Completed by several cases above make Audi belongs to the most wanted car in the end of the year. Why it happen is? How you can get the luxury and stylish car in one package with fun driving? The answer is only this car where Audi have been arrived with bringing ease and high technology to make the driver looks like the king by having one of Audi product.


The Germany auto car may have proved its existence by giving more surprise on Q series of its car. We can see the improvement in the interior where we can find more improvements on the audio system. You can find 10 speaker audio system and Bluetooth phone connectivity and 6-5 inch colors display for entertainment and infotainment. The Audi Q5 2017 also comes with 29.1 cubic feet of cargo.

Exterior and safety

You can see year by year that they always give such big improvement in every car they produce especially this Audi Q5 since this car comes with complete package both on machine and look in and out. You can see the luxurious touch on it. To us, it will be best option for those who love luxurious car in middle budget. IIHS has given 4 stars out of 5 stars for the safety of Audi Q5 2017 as it has good side crash safety, rollover safety and frontal crash safety.