Ford Fiesta 2018: The Upcoming Hatchback Goodness


There have been good developments for the Ford Fiesta 2018 considering that it has been the eight generation of the Fiesta family produced by Ford. Considering that the vehicle has existed since the 1976, it is only logical that they should have learned from the past mistakes and come up with the newer, better, and fresher development. And it seems that Ford wants to keep the visual changes and makeover minimum while improving the technologies and power with their best efforts. For them, comfort and performance are better than the superficial cosmetic – or are they?


Aside that there will be upcoming changes and upgrades happening to the Ford Fiesta 2018, this variant is designed for the European market. The most visible changes happening on the exterior. From the front side, everything will be the same – the piscine grille and the thin headlights with the sharp angle. At the back, the better integrated taillights looking great with the rear hatchback design – a very Fusion look-alike design.

If you come to the interior cabin, there will be new additional screens with color display screen between the gauges. The previous screen that seemed to be tucked in the dashboard is now replaced with the floating display unit, improving the aesthetic appeal of this Ford Fiesta 2018. The buttons on the center console are now looking better than the designs – improving the fashion styles and appearances.


There will be the latest infotainment Sync 3 system with EcoSport system, along the safety and driving assistance technologies, such as pedestrian detection, rear cross for traffic alert, traffic sign recognition, and active parallel parking. The sound system is improved and be made better too. Of course, there are more to expect from this Ford Fiesta 2018 but further information will be released later.


For the European market, the diesel and the gas are offered but for the American market, it seems that the two options of I4 1.6 liter or the I3 1.0 liter will remain the same. The I3 engine is believed to deliver a better fuel economy system. Meanwhile, the I4 will be coming with a turbocharger. Is it possible to have the I4 with the V8? That’s the impossible dream for auto enthusiasts. It is unclear when the release date for this model although the price tag for this Ford Fiesta 2018 is set around $14,000 for the base trim.