Ford Focus 2018: The Improved Performance and Quality


There have been some updates about the upcoming Ford Focus 2018 which is said to be better and more attractive than before. But there will be some changes happening to the new Focus, like some inspirations from the new Fiesta and also bigger platform to accommodate roomier space in the cabin. Comfort and handle are said to be upgraded and updated to allow better performance. So, what should we expect from this new ride, anyway?


It seems that the new Ford Focus 2018 will be coming with a basic structure of the MK3 Focus with some borrowing cues from VW Golf and Astra Vauxhall.  If you take a look at the rendering image, it is obvious that the main focus is taken from Fiesta supermini with some improved little details. The big and square headlights will be reduced and made into rounder and neater shape. It is also possible that the air intake and the grille will be changed, sporting newer chrome trim and stylish look. It is also likely that the old Fiesta chassis will still be used – of course with some changes, including wider and longer stance. In the end, the car will be coming with spacious space for the cabin with a more attractive silhouette.

Interior Cabin

For the interior, it seems that the new Fiesta has been the major inspiration. With bigger and more spacious room for the legroom and headroom, comfort will be definitely improved. Cargo space is also said to improve and made bigger, close to the Golf and also Astra. And to make functionality and handle more enjoyable, Ford is no longer using the various confusing buttons and the center console. For the new interior of Ford Focus 2018, the result will be neater with minimalist effect, thanks to the display screen with the touchscreen feature for the dashboard.


It is likely that the new Focus will be coming with petrol EcoBoost turbocharged 1.0 liter engine that can deliver different outputs, such as the 99 hp, the 123 hp, and also 138 hp of power. If you prefer diesel engine, there will be the 2.0 and 1.5 liter units.

Release Date and Price

Although there hasn’t been any official confirmation, the ride should be available by the end of 2017. The base car should be coming at around 19,000 while the higher end models can cost you up to 32,000 – such as the Sporty ST with the Active four wheel driving system and glam Vignale trim. So, ready for the release of Ford Focus 2018?

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