Ford Focus Sport Nz 2017 Information & Price


The new Ford is back again – you might be familiar with the name Ford Focus Sport Nz 2017 more because the new Ford goes by that name. Well, it’s only normal if you want to know about the new ford car since new things are interesting, right? So, that’s why we’re here to help you get to know the new Ford even better. Interested? You should be or you’ll miss it out.

Ford Focus Sport Nz 2017 Information

As expected, there are a few changes we can see on the new Ford Focus Sport Nz 2017 and it received warm welcome especially in the Europe, North America and China with its high selling rates in those countries – reportedly one million copies of it are delivered. Well, Ford is a well-known brand with popularity after all. The Ford Focus Sport is providing 345 hp and as per usual with a car, four-wheel. With attractive design, a lot of people will take an interest with this particular upcoming vehicle. Ford Focus Sport Nz 2017 will come in variations of colors but you’ll get to choose the combination of two colors – black & red or red& black combination. You can find the examples of the model like the one presented at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. Red and black are sexy and appealing, all the more reason to try this new vehicle.

Aside from the wide variety of colors you can choose as the color design of your car, the other changes on the design is made such as windows, roof, and you can find several body parts which are colored with the shades of red or black. As for the size of the wheels, it’s 18-ich, with the color black.

Ford Focus Sport Nz 2017 review

The power is also enough to go up to 100km/h in 8.6 seconds and even 221 km/h at max. Even with the engine150 hp and 182 hp and 2.0L diesel with 150 hp, it’s still able to reach those speed so, don’t think lightly of this Ford Focus Sport Nz 2017. Also, the two 1.5L turbo is available as well mechanics wise.

Ford Focus Sport Nz 2017 Price

The estimated price of this upcoming Ford Focus Sport Nz 2017 is certainly not cheap and can be considered high – around $27,500 – but, it’s guaranteed with the popularity it received so, trying it out might be a good option.