Ford Mondeo 2017 Kombi – The Advantages and Disadvantages


As you know, the newest Ford Mondeo 2017 Kombi is soon to be released and for those who are curious of the advantages and the benefits we get from the newest, upcoming vehicle, we provide you with the information regarding the matter – why is it useful for you, the advantages, disadvantages, etc. Certainly, cars have more advantages than just for driving – we all know that cars are for driving, so. But, what about the advantages… do you know? Particularly the Ford Mondeo 2017 Kombi? And here we are, ready to share our opinions regarding the matter, so why don’t we get started?

Ford Mondeo 2017 Kombi Advantages

Spacious Trunk to Get Your Stuff in

It might not be the biggest one you will find but, we assure you – it’s more than enough. It’s enough to place all of your shopping bags into the trunk so, what’s there to complain? Besides a too big trunk will take up some space and you certainly don’t want that. So, in our opinion, it’s more than enough and yep, it’s one of the advantages you will find on the Ford Mondeo 2017 Kombi. Also, you can try the Load Management system that costs for £250 which is totally optional that includes the cargo net and a floor-mounted sliding rail. You can remove it when you need to use more space so, try it out! But, that’s totally up to you.

Suitable for Those Who Tend to Fall Asleep

Finding it hard to concentrate on the road? Feeling too sleepy to even do anything else? Concerned with your own safety because of the reckless driving? Thankfully, the Safety aids feature is available for the Ford Mondeo 2017 Kombi. You can try the Lane Keeping Aid which is standard for the Titanium trim to keep you safe or opt for the Active City Stop auto-braking function that costs around £200 or the inflatable rear seatbelts which is priced around £175.

Ford Mondeo 2017 Kombi release date

The Disadvantages

Too Much Sunshine

Admit it, there is just plainly too much sunlight for this certain vehicle. And sometimes, it can be very frustrating even though it’s sunproof. Well, this is one of the downsides we’ve found.

Indecipherable Screen in Sunlight

Touchscreen can be very frustrating sometimes – they can be slow and it is just plainly frustrating but, this Ford Mondeo 2017 Kombi is mostly indecipherable during sunlight which can very, very annoying – but 12-speaker sound system kind of makes it up.

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