Ford Mondeo 2017 is Now Undisguised


The first shots of the Ford Mondeo 2017 become our hot topic for today. For your information, this car is on progress to be introduced as 2017 model year. It is such a refreshing moment when we know that this Mondeo has some changes especially on the exterior. Our spies successfully reveal the latest facelift of Mondeo which has been redesigned by its automaker, Ford. As we can see on those photos, they look like very busy to give an update for their new face of large family car. This car is a new hope for all families in the world even though Mondeo is not a new name anymore in the industry.

Ford Mondeo 2017 Exterior

The changes of Ford Mondeo 2017 might be not too much. But, we still have much expectation because the car is not released yet. According to those photos, we got the same visual with the current Mondeo on the market. But, there is some new stuff that appears after we reviewed it in details. For example is the new bumper on the front which also brought LED fog light. We know that it is such an obligation for a family car to have fog light these days and Ford gives us the modern one with LED system. Moreover, they have changed the design of the headlights too. Meanwhile, we have seen a redesigned front grille above the bumper. It implies that this prototype design is still on the testing phase. They are still working to give better exterior for Mondeo obviously.

Ford Mondeo 2017 Under the Hood

Coming inside under the Ford Mondeo 2017 hood, we still have no idea with the engine. But, our expectation says that the 2.7 L EcoBoost V6 will face the European market next year. It may sound awkward for a family car. But, some rumors already say about this. This engine probalbly produces more than 300 horsepower on the city road. If this is true, it will increase the popularity of Mondeo instead. We do not know yet what is inside the Ford’s engineering head at the moment. The speculation is still in the air until the official specifications come to erase them all soon.

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Ford Mondeo 2017 Conclusion

We believe that this family car has just minor update. However, we expect the update is focused on the powertrain because that is the main thing that we can predict based on these spied photos. Improving the efficiency of the engine will be a great comeback for Ford Mondeo 2017 next year.

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